Jade Sky

Smell the Roses Mask


Way more generous than your basic mask with 8"x 9" of material, double sided. Stay safer all while being cute in this Jade Sky face mask.

*************PLEASE NOTE*************

Masks are not refundable or exchangeable due to sanitary reasons. Although this mask does provide a barrier of protection, this mask is not N95 certified. This mask does not and should not replace proper sanitization of skin and social isolation practices. Please be sure to wash hands prior to putting on mask and taking it off. <3



Hand wash only, No Drying Machine.


1- Once unwrapped, you'll notice the mask is flat. Pull back any hair from behind the ears preferably with a hair tie. The reason for this is so the elastic from the mask grips to the skin.

2- Grip the fabric , palm parallel to the jade sky label, Pull on the elastic by the knot away from the fabric. You will notice the mask will shrink and create a scrunchy shape which will allow you manipulate the size to mold to your measurements. 

3- Put the mask on over the head down to the neck, the label should be on your left cheek.

4- Pull the mask up to the bridge of your nose. Place the top elastic over over the ear, Lower elastic under the ear. Pull the bottom elastic tighter on both side to mold to the face.

4-Pull the bottom material under the chin with your dominant hand at the same time use your other hand to pull the top of the mask comfortably on to the bridge of your nose. After the first few wears,the mask will break in and mold to your face.


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