--The House of Jade Sky-- Grand Opening!



Marissa Jade Sky is a visionary in all things creative. As a Brooklyn native, growing up in New York City paired with her many years of travel around the world, Marissa has cultivated her impeccable eye for fashion and unique style. From graduating from the Fashion Institute of Technology, to working with the elite MAC PRO in NYC, Marissa is best known for her work with Lady Gaga and Britney Spears. With a decade as a world touring make-up artist, her travels have taken her creativity and expertise to another level. Marissa has drawn inspiration from her life long passion for art, fashion & style to create a line that is distinctive but playful—sophisticated yet raw. 

The House of Jade Sky is meant for anyone looking to step outside the box, even for a moment, and liberate their inner New Yorker.

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"I'm just trying to change the world...one sequin at a time."

-Lady Gaga